Saturday, March 5, 2011

James Ernest Haselbauer 1871-1921

I started this blog not only because I wanted to share stories, but I also wanted "somewhere" to share my "finds"--well I had a "find" yesterday!  I've looked and looked to find out more about my grandmother's (Mary Tobey Hildreth) uncle. I had learned quite a bit about his life and family through newspapers and the typical census records, etc., but I HAD to know when and where he died. Well, facebook scored again!  I was contacted on facebook by the wife of one of his descendants. So now we're sharing!  Hopefully she will have a picture and then I can "put him to rest"
There is a lot to say about James Ernest Haselbauer. He also went by Ernest Haselbauer.
He was son of a master glass engraver at Corning (Augustus Haselbauer, my great, great grandfather), he tried his hand at glass cutting, but eventually became a tailor in Rochester, New York.  Interesting to think that profession also takes precision. I'm always curious what ancestor has the traits that we find in ourselves--although my sister, Shari, keeps reminding me that we are our "own" persons with a huge mixture of ancestor traits running in our blood!
When he was a young adult he gave his widowed mother quite a bit of angst.  My research in some old newspapers revealed that he was known as "Windy" and was sentenced to a short term in jail because of robbery.  There was also an incident where the police were called to his home because of a severe altercation with his mother. However, eventually he settled down, married, had two daughters, and became a tailor in Rochester, New York. 
All I needed for me to "put him to rest" was to know when and where he died. Voila--facebook and Lucille Brown! She had the answer.
 For some reason he was in Missouri when he died (Yes, I do want to find out why) when a train hit his car. He died in Kansas City, Missouri on July 9, 1921 at age 50.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she knows someone who has a picture of him.

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