Monday, February 21, 2011

Found my Uncle Gerald's family!

I had been looking for years for my Uncle Gerald Hildreth's family. He is my father's brother. I remember playing with my cousins when I was young but after his divorce I never saw them again. I heard he got married again and had a son, but Gerald died at only 54 before I could ever make contact with him or his son.
I'm writing a book on the family and thought, I'll try just one more time. Good thing for facebook! I found his son, Paul and soon after found his daughter Bonnie, from his first marriage. Paul had a lot of old pictures and some information about Gerald's life. I remember him as being nice, but I only met him a couple of times and always wondered what he was like. After doing a little more research I was able to put his life together. I've also included my Dad's story. They were only a year apart, to the day. I hope they are happy wherever they are that their distant families are now in contact with each other!


  1. That is awesome!! Wow - I guess I kinda' knew Grandpa had a brother...okay, I didn't. (Don't hold my dad against that! LOL)
    That's great - can't wait to see what pictures you're able to dig up!

  2. Another great post! Getting to know Paul is a trip! I love it when families reconnnect!